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Create dynamics sigle page

I’m doing a site where I need to have a team page, all together. When I click on a team person I need to open a single page of this person. I was able to cms to the team page, but when I add a person in the team page, it is not created a single page of this person. Enter the same page as another person already created. Can you dynamically add unique pages to each person on the team? Can someone help me?

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Dang, I wish I spoke whatever language that is :blush:

I could help ya out, if you tell me which page & section to click??

Thanks for listening. I need to add a director on the directors page and when I do this I also automatically add the page on it.

“Directors” page

I can not imagine how I should do it.
Only page about the director.

I got it! Everything working perfect! My mistake was putting on the single page a collection list. That is why, when adding new content added one below the other and did not create separate pages.

So in the template I put the direct references in the divs without collection list.

Thank you all!

Excellent! Glad you got it worked out. Isn’t that the BEAUTIFUL thing about Webflow?? Huh… You can always figure it out because the Designer and CSS Styles panel makes it soooo much easier to navigate and troubleshoot. Imagine trying to figure that out inside a long CSS Style Sheet and 3 HTML pages; toggling back and forth… adjusting… running code… publishing to live… viewing… seeing again… repeating. It’s so annoying when something like this occurs.

I never learned full coding, I can read and understand it, but I didn’t start writing by hand. I’ve always used Expression Web, Serif, Wordpress, etc and bunch more. And when a problem arose, it was never this easy.

Love Webflow! Have fun, see ya later.