List Page LINK to DETAIL page only shows first record not record clicked

Hi there–In my TEAM page I have a nice list of the team members. But when I click on and team member, the detail (CMS Template Page) only shows the first team member in the list?

Suggestions on how to fix would be most appreciated! THANK YOU!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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I also can’t get the team page to show up in the burger menu - a problem I posted on the forum earlier. Thanks!

Instead of inserting a Dynamic list just add the elements that you want e.g. Heading, paragraph on bound it to the dynamic content.

Add a new navlink to your menu, the navlinks for the menu don’t generate by them selves and they don’t update their names if you change the name for the page you need to add those texts.

Here’s how your navigation panel should look like without the other Dynamic list that you’re inserting:


Let me know if that can help you.


Thanks - this worked perfectly. I understand how it works now. Very sophisticated and built-in features for ease of development – NICE!

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