How to have one collection item link and others not link

I created a website with a teams section on the about page. Each team member links to the template with their personal info. Simple enough.

After I created the CMS collection list, my client told me he only wanted himself to have his own page and the other employees can just stay thumbnails. I don’t know how to do this with the CMS. Is there any way to have one collection item have a link to the collection page and have the rest not link anywhere? He’s going to add more employees later on, so I don’t wanna delete the list. I also don’t want to have to completely redo this whole section.

Here is the read only: Webflow - Copy of Copy of Cybernetic Law

There’s one collection page that is different that. I did that by filtering two different divs with conditionals, so don’t get confused when you see there’s one thats different. It’s the same CMS page with different content being filtered.

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