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Webflow and Adobe AIR.....anyone have and war stories?

Good Evening,

I am currently looking for a combination of tools that would allow me to create a solid final demo for a product. My thoughts are to use Webflow to design the front end, interactions, animations… and then convert to a .exe using adobe AIR and mobile using PhoneGap.

Has ayone had any luck with this> Good? Bad? Ugly?

Looking to keep using Webflow as I can easily duplicate pages and convert to templates for integration f needed…but if it is a painstaking process, I am going to look for another tool to do the demo and keep on with Webflow in order to then create the front end look for the separate webapp pages.

Thanks for the feedback.

WF > Air > Phonegap seems to me a complicated structure. Can’t you find a mobile framework that can allow you to skip Air entirely? Something more HTML5 based?

Otherwise give it a try, Air behave extremely well on mobiles. We’ve developed a bunch of iPad and Android apps from Air, including real time rendered & shaded 3D scenes and the results are stunning.

I’m really really interested to know how all this is going to do for you so please come back and show us :slight_smile:

I’m using Webflow to develop a front-end for our web apps at work. Then I open up my SublimeText and code it 'til the sun goes down. The result is a stunning webapp ;).

I have to agree with @vincent; I really want to see your progress @Socrademy ;)