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Review CMS - can't get single review to post on vendor CMS collection page

Hello. I’ve created a multi vendor site that has 3 CMS’s that are in play in this topic. I’ve successfully created a review system where Clients can review Vendors and their review creates a CMS item in the Review CMS. Now the problem is i can’t get the details from the Review CMS Item to display properly under the Vendors Review section.

CMS Item 1 - Client (can write reviews for Vendors)
CMS Item 2 - Vendors (can get reviews from clients
CMS Item 3 - Reviews (These reviews need to show up on the Vendors page)

When a review is written i’m able to capture the Clients Item ID, the Vendors Item ID, the Review/Star Rating, etc. I’m able to run a Zap that sends those details and creates a new live item under the Reviews CMS.

What i’m not able to do is get the newly created live item in the Reviews CMS to display the following on the Vendors page

  1. The name of the client that left the review
  2. The star rating
  3. The review itself.

I can get all of the reviews to show up on all vendor pages, but i can’t make them dynamic and only show up on the vendors page that recieved the review even though i have that vendors Item ID.

I’ve tried linking the Reviews CMS to the Vendor CMS as a reference field, and the Vendors CMS to the Reviews CMS as a reference field, and pointing to the reference, but i can’t get just a single review to show.

Any help would be appriciated.


Here is my public share link: [LINK][1]

I know there’s solutions like but this should be something that is capable of being done in webflow. I’ve solved half the problem and the reviews can be created, now i just need to link those reviews to the correct vendor. I’m thinking finsweet attributes may be the way to get the correct reviews showing on each vendors profile page.

I was able to solve this.

On each vendor page you need to put a dynamic text input field that has their “Item ID”. So a prerequisite is to get zapier to send their Item ID to a new field in their CMS called Vendor Item ID.

Then you create a CMS on the page for the reviews section.

Then you link the original item ID that only shows each vendors item ID to the reviews CMS where the field matches that same vendors item ID. You do this with Finsweet Attributes CMS Filter.

Now when i write a review, that form sends a zap to have a CMS item in the Review CMS created which collects the clients name, star rating, review, and vendor item id. The Vendor Collection page then filters all reviews only showing the ones that match the vendors item ID via Finsweet attributes that links the hidden vendors item ID to the Review CMS.

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