Create a page that Generates Tiles

Hi everyone,

Can I create something like this on webflow?

Thanks in advance

Hi Ana,

Webflow is for designing websites. It’s great at layout and styling and it provides useful mechanics for content management ( CMS ), and basic mechanics for ECommerce and Memberships.

It provides almost zero mechanics for application development in the hosted environment.

The site you shared is pretty simple, but it has a form of graphical texture editor built in, plus user accounts which require saving user-specific “files”. Those capabilities are outside of Webflow.

If you’re a developer you could look at Webflow’s DevLink feature, which allows you to build a react project while using Webflow to do the designer UI work.

Alternatively you could look at something like Wized to handle the logins and the database you’ll need for your user-specific saved projects.

Memberstack has great login capabilities as well but no user-data database that I’m aware of, so you’d need to build that piece.

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