Create an interactive poster generator

Hello everyone :wave:
From your experience, do you reckon is it possible to build something like this with Webflow?

A “poster generator” that allows you to personalise couple of visual, add your text, personalise a colour, upload a file and download the final results (a bit like but simplified)

(Uploading images and making adjustments within an app, which would apply the effects and show them onscreen. Do I need custom code?)

It’s only a concept prototype so quite flexible to change it
Thanks in advance!:pray:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi, what you describe really is… an app. Such an app can live on a Webflow site but it has to be programmed somehow. It involves a session and image composition to say the least. Webflow at the moment isn’t geared for that, although that’s probably what we will be able to do with in a distant future.

Your best path at the moment is to talk to a web developer, a coder, and see how you can collaborate on that.

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