User filtering between two collections


I’m creating a collection called “FAQ” where every FAQ has a specific category:
How it works
General information

Next to that I have a collection called “FAQ categories” with these categories as unique entries.

On the page I’d like to show all of the FAQs (or teasers of the FAQs, still TBD). Then on top of all of those FAQ blocks, I’d like to show these four categories as facets or buttons if you will, and they would filter the selection below.

Is this feasible with just Webflow collections? Do I even need two collections? Do I need multi-reference fields? Or will it be Javascript to the rescue?

No link to the site because that page is only live in my head.

Thanks & cheers --Mike

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Why not use the tabs component to show and hide each of the collection lists?

That’s my Plan B… Not feasible at all?

Cheers --Mike