Create a complex CMS item from a form submission

I’m interested in creating a CMS item in Webflow based on form submissions.

This CMS item should contain:

  • Text
  • Rich text
  • An image
  • 2 multi-reference fields (linked to another CMS collection)

Additionally, I’d like to include a link to another CMS collection.

To provide context, imagine a website similar to LinkedIn, where I have a CMS collection of experts with the following attributes:

  • Name
  • Bio
  • Profile picture
  • Expertise (linked from another CMS collection)
  • Experience (linked from another CMS collection)

I want to enable experts to create their profiles through a form submission that captures all this information.

What’s the most effective way to handle this scenario?

I’ve attempted to use logic, but it seems that multi-reference fields and image submissions are not supported. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Hi Louis,

You’d need to use an external system like to create that entry using Webflow’s API. That part is relatively easy… Logic isn’t quite there yet for the features you need, so you use a different automation service.

However you’ll probably also want to consider the reality that experts may need to update their listings and that means a memberships solution.

  • Webflow’s User Accounts feature can be used with a bit of custom coding for a simple scenario.
  • MemberStack offers more login options ( like using Google auth ), better docs and examples for user dashboards, at an added monthly cost.
  • Wized gives you a richer programming experience and if you’re thinking towards a more complex dashboard experience, I’d recommed that direction.

Welcome @Louis-Victor_MRGT :wave:

What your asking for is totally doable and very common.

Webflow Logic is a great solution for simple needs, unfortunately this is not that.

The best option here is to use a free Make (Integromat) account, the workflow would look like this:

Webflow Form Submission → Make (Integromat) → Webflow CMS

Oddly, jumping out to a 3rd party is the best way to manage the Webflow CMS.

Here are a couple of screencasts walking through these sorts of setups:

That will take a bit of special handling and has caused some grief for folks in the past. Here is a screencast walking through how to handle that:

What I’ve outlined will get you all of the basics you’ve asked for.

If that’s all you need, you’re good to go :+1:

But… there’s a lot more you could do with this.

For example if you wanted those experts to login and edit their own entries I have a screencast that walks through how to do that by taking advantage of Memberstack:

(this is a Memberstack v1 example, using their latest & greatest v2 is an easy transition)

If you’d like to extend what you’re originally thinking, detail that here and I can give you more guidance, and most likely the right tutorials and examples for success.

Good luck!