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[Tutorial] Part 3: How to submit a native Webflow Form into the CMS with Multi-Reference fields

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I love being able to submit my forms back into my CMS Collections, but there is no native way to do this in Webflow. So I decided to share how I accomplish this with a few extra tools.

With part 1 you have a Webflow form submitting into the CMS. With part 2 we layered on memberships, only members can add comments, but anyone can read them.

With this video, part 3, we’ll link a logged in member to all of their comments via Multi-Reference fields and give them a personalized dashboard to view them all.

Along with Webflow, native forms, and the Webflow CMS to store it all, I’m taking advantage of MemberStack, Zapier, and sprinkling in a bit of Airtable:

After you’re done with the video you can get:

  1. Read access to this Webflow project.
  2. All of the sharable Zapier zaps used to create this.
  3. Access to the live site, click around and see how it works.
  4. My cheatsheet. The step-by-step notes I created for this video walk through.

Get it here:

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