Unverified Domain - Not published


I try to manually add a domain but I have this error message remaining when I click on “verify Domain” : Unable to verifv domain - please check the value of your verification key ou check whether the TXT record has propagated" while the value has been correctly copied :frowning:

Thanks in advance for your support :pray:

Hi Magali,

Check your DNS to make sure you have your 2 A records, CNAME, and TXT records in there correctly. Some DNS’s can take 24hrs to propagate.

I use Cloudflare’s free DNS on all sites since it happens pretty much immediately.

Hi, question have you solved this issue? And if yes do you remember how? I use Google Domains & have had everything in correct for 2 days but am still having the same issue.

Does this go for google domains also? It seems something changed the last months, and my site just does not connect to the domain (not verified), even if I follow the process to the letter (just like I have done before when publishing)
This time its not working.

Do you mean that it disconnected from the domain? I’ve not seen that happen, my understanding was that Webflow only needs to verify the domain once, but it may check for that TXT record periodically.

Google Domain I think was sold to Squarespace and has gone through a lot of changes, your TXT could have been deleted in the process?