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"Could not find section with ID: contact" Pop-Up Window

Using template Each time I preview it, and click on Contact in navigation, a pop-up message says, "Could not find section with ID: contact

So, I updated it, the Contact form section with ID: Contact. Then I update the navigation to go to that section, Contact. It works again. But then when I try a second time, it shows the error message again.

Also, after I press okay, it takes me to the correct section.

What can I do to fix this?

I am also trying to do this for two pages. One in English, and one will be done in chinese. If it’s about adding IDs to those sections, then do they have to be different ID names?


Hi @tattoobunnie, I took a look at the page, but I could no longer find the contact link. Have you updated this?


Sorry, keep poking at it. Please review again now. Thank you! Tried adding it as a new navigation link, still getting same result.

Hi @tattoobunnie, thanks a lot for the update. Currently, you have the ID “contact” set on the root element class of the symbol. Edit your contact symbol, remove the id from the root element of the symbol, then click out of the symbol.

Next select the symbol, but do not edit it. Go to settings and set the ID “contact” on the symbol itself, on the green symbol that is not open in edit mode.

Save page changes and then check if it works correctly :smile:

Let me know how it goes, or if you have any questions :smile:


I updated to to have the ID contact on the symbol itself, but getting the same message.

Then in part of the Nav Link, choose section, contact. Although, now, where I toggle to preview, and click on the nav link, Contact, it doesn’t go anywhere.

Thanks @cyberdave

Should I try creating a new section, and move the elements originally in Contact to the new section?

Hi @tattoobunnie, ​Thank you very much for the update. I took another look at the read-only link, on the home page, but I do not see any of the changes you made. There is no contact id set on the symbol.

Can you set that contact id again, then to to the nav menu, and change the link on the Contact navlink to point to a “Section on this page” and select the contact section ? Then save changes and let me know when the change is done, and I will take another look :smile: