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Linking to section of page does not work when you define the section as a symbol

I have a contact section in my page toward the bottom that has an id of contact which is linked from the navbar. But then I made that section a symbol to copy across all pages and now the symbol does not recognize the contact section tag I created in the inner element. Why is this happening?

I had a message saying “can’t find section contact” but then after I clicked OK it scrolled down. I know it should work because I have the same on a website of mine.

I undid the contact symbol, changed the section ID and set it to SECTION

then undid the menu symbol, updated the link

redid both symbols and it worked fine

So maybe a bug… redo the procedure a bit and it may work on your side too…

If I inspect your code as you share it, your contact manu item is linked to nothing as ‘contact’ doesn’t register in the dropdown menu

Did several tests and yes the sections IDs appear and disappear from the drop down link-to-section menu… may be affected wether they’re in a symbol or not. Can’t define a rule here.

Just a curiosity. Why is your link settings panel so dark…?

I was wondering the exact same thing as @bartekkustra

And the font is different. And the icons are bolder I think. But that might be the reason of the bg being darkened.

I don’t know, maybe it can happen after long sessions… my system and softwares quite never crashes so I never reboot them for… weeks sometimes.

Today the same panel, same site, same capture tool

You know stuff we don’t.

Damnit! I knew this would happen, you can’t fool a JS coder that long… I admit everything guys, the truth is somewhere else…


I laughed so hard my wife looked at me with sadness and disappointment ^^ You couldn’t have taken better image to it ;D

But I’m still watching you…

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OMG I just died from reading all this LOLING TO THE GREATEST EXTENT OVER HERE

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