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Cannot create in-page link from new button to symbol


I have created a new button / text link on a page, which I want to link to a “contact area” symbol at the bottom of the page. Unfortunately, the option to create an in page link to a symbol is not available - the “unique ID” doesn’t exist for this.

Can someone speculate as to why this is?


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Hi, a symbol is not a real html element on a page that can receive an ID, it is just a set of elements that are named, thus there is no symbol element that will be generated with an ID. You need to first drag out a section for example, and then put your contact symbol inside of that section with your link on the page, linked to the section by id.

Cheers, Dave

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Hi Dave,

Thanks for getting back. I worked that out as a work around, but I must admit, you would think that if you were making a “contact area” or something at the bottom of a page (an area which repeats uniformly from page to page), and up top you have a “navbar symbol” or something, then being able to link from a link in the symbol up top, to the symbol below would be logical no?

The way you do it means I have to make a new page, make a new section and name it, drop the symbol in, and then go and edit the symbols / links that are present on that page in order to ensure that they recognise the “new” section. Surely to just add a “symbol” and have it be recognised by the links on the page would be better?

Just a thought, STUNNING WORK. You guys really sincerely changed the way I design.
Big love. Beers Owed.

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