Self Hosting - Minimum Subscription?

I know this should be obvious from the pricing page. It is not (to me).

Assuming I want to build a few sites per year, export as HTML and self host.

What is the minimum subscriptions I need?

Why should I be considering WebFlow plans with hosting VS exporting and self hosting?

Hey @ColinK

You will want to check out our Workspace Plans. The Core workspace plan is a good place to start with 10 projects without hosting.

If you want to use Webflow hosting, you will need to purchase one for every site you want hosted. Webflow hosting is fast, reliable, and includes a CDN. You can learn more here: Reliable and lighting-fast website hosting service | Webflow

If you chose to export sites there are some limitations. It will only export Static pages, so the CMS isn’t exported, same for Ecommerce. Forms won’t work either as you will need to wire them up with a third party form processor instead of the Webflow one. Here is some info on that: Code export | Webflow University


Thanks for your prompt reply.

Some more questions for clarity - please

I don’t plan to build sites consistently every month.

Is it practical to build 1 to 10 sites on to Core plan, export, then stop the plan. Then come back later in the year and do the same again.

I am aware that monthly is more expensive than annual (pro rata).
I am aware that some elements do not work with exported sites.
I assume when account closed, all built sites will be deleted and no available again if I sign up again.

If above can be done is it possible (before paying for 1 month) to build 2 sites on the free plan then move them to the Core plan.

Are the number of pages limited on the free plan?

I am aware that it is not possible to re-import a site, but what is the difference between importing a site (which cannot be done) and importing a template - other than the need for approval and the ability for others to import that template.

Is there any specific third party editor that people often use to edit exported Webflow sites?

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Or to save intensively money, use for which you don’t need any plans.

Hey @ColinK Definitely possible to downgrade to the free workspace plan in months you are not using Webflow.

If you have more than 2 unhosted projects, when you downgrade to the free, all but two will be locked and you won’t be able to access them until you purchase a workspace plan again.

There is a limit of 2 static pages for sites using the starter hosting with the free workspace plan. However, if any projects have more than that, they won’t be deleted, you just won’t be able to create any new ones.

Templates aren’t really imported. Rather you build a project with a template as a starting point. You cannot swap the template used on a site after you select one.

For editing third party sites, you would have direct access to the code, and could edit using a code editor.

Hope that all helps. :slight_smile: