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About Webflow Subscription

Hey guys,

I’m a student and have to create a website for a project at my university. Therefore I’d like to use Webflow. But I have to create more than 2 sites and I’m having some issues understanding the account and hosting plans.

Publishing on the subdomain is definitely enough for my purpose. So I thought the Lite account plan would be my option to go with, wouldnt it?
So if I choose billing type monthly and cancel / downgrade to the free starter plan within this month, I just have to pay for this one month and do not have to pay for a whole year, did I get that right?

A quick answer would be awesome!

Hi there @FB_Bob

Yes that is correct. Once you cancel your account plan, it will last until the end of the month and it won’t renew for the following months.

Note that it’s not the same for hosting plans which are cancelled immediately.

Hope this is helpful. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out, and we’ll be happy to help!

Also, here’s some information about students discount:

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Thanks to both of you for the quick answers!
You were quite helpful!

You’re Welcome @FB_Bob

Note that hosting only applies to one site/project. If you need to create more than 2 projects as you said, you’ll need an account plan. The Lite plan will do as I said and you can cancel the plan to stop renewing it. Just make sure to select the monthly billing before you purchase the plan.

And good luck with your projects.