Copy-Paste from context menu completely broken for me

Since the project copy-paste update today, I can’t paste anything at all, anywhere. Not between sections, not between divs, not between pages (the biggest frustration for me), and not even between projects. I’ve tried it all. Tried copy-pasting pictures, text blocks, divs, containers, etc. Copy-Paste has been rendered entirely non-functional.

If it matters, I use the latest version of Chrome on Windows 10.

Here is what I see when I try to paste anything anywhere on any project (and between projects):


Please advise as this has made my workflow significantly more difficult…

Hi @erictc

Can you achieve it with ctrl+c and ctrl+v instead?

It’s working for me on a mac cmd+c cmd+v

ctrl+v works for me on PC Chrome

@StuM @rfull

I had gotten so caught up in the frustration of losing access to my favorite button that I forgot that there was the obvious keyboard shortcut for paste! It works perfectly, just as intended!

Thank you!


Sorry for the delayed response here.

Yes, unfortunately we had to trade the existing right-click menu pasting functionality to get the ability to copy and paste between projects shipped as quickly as possible. We’re not happy about that, and think there are some ways that we can eventually bring it back – but some of the technical challenges that forced this tradeoff are surprisingly… complex :sweat_smile:

Glad the keyboard shortcuts are working alright for you instead, though. That was our hope!

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