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Cannot Copy/Paste at all

I have tried copy/pasting elements with the context menu and Ctrl-C / V on two different Windows 10 PCs and neither works - this using Chrome.

I have seen previous threads about this but from years ago - is this a known issue?

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Hi PeteM

Check this YT video. It will explain perfect and not only will you understand exactly how to do it, but you will also enjoy the cool guy’s funny presentation :wink:

I know how to copy and paste - it DOES NOT WORK – this is not just between projects - it’s also within projects and is on more than one PC (I work in IT so do know what I am talking about)


I have the same issue… cannot find an answer to that. Thats bad:/

I just spent 45 dollars on a UI kit that I can’t use.

I haven’t seen any method to help me out with this, but this method consistently works each time. If I am in full-screen mode and copy and paste commands are not working, clicking on the F 11 key fixes it. I also clicked in several windows or places and continued to try numerous times, and it finally works.

Hey! I don’t know if you managed to solve this issue. But in general what was wrong for me from the start, is that I didn’t clone the project I was trying to copy the element from. Once that is done, it’s easy and smooth.