Copy and Paste clone is Unlinking Components

“Pasting cross-site we had to unlink components.”

I am attempting to copy and paste this to clone into my main webflow site. It wont work however, such as the prompts it should have according to the metamask pop ups etc.

Also, I am not finding how to edit the other parts of the widget… such as the ‘has-wallet’… and it labels etc. Does that make sense? It likely is simple but Im not seeming to find my way around editing the layered parts to this.

Any direction is greatly appreciated!

Hi kalo, first, its nearly impossible to help without your read-only link.
Share that before anything else.

Then, you’ll need to be more specific about what problem you’re having, and where. It seems you’ve jumped a bit all over the place.

When using a cloneable I’d advise that you clone it, and then set it up properly to work with your config, i.e. your Metamask account. Once that’s working, you’ll understand how the configuration works, and what needs to be migrated over to you site.