Using a UI-Kit to copy from

Note: I have searched and found heeps on the subject of Copying and Pasting, but nothing really addressing the issue I am up against.

I saw the announcement and watched the video explaining that we can create or use a UI Kit ( calling this Site Alpha ) with pre-designed layouts and features and then copy sections, elements, or Styles to a new site ( Calling it Beta ).

First I opened a tab in my browser for site Alpha and a tab for site Beta. I then open the respective sites in their defined tabs. In this case Site Alpha is a UI-Kit I just purchased.

I click on the Element I want to put in the new site and use every method I know of… cmn+ C, right click select Copy and then I click on the Tab for Site Beta… since it is a blank page right now I select the body and try to paste it…

No luck. I even Right click only to see Paste Inside and Paste Inside First greyed out…

What am I doing Wrong… The video looked so easy. Copy then Paste. But it’s not working for me… Even copy Pasting from something I designed to a new design…

Anyone know of an existing thread or someplace I can get answers. I have two sites to do in one week…

For your Information, I was using Safari… Is there a different Browser that works better with Webflow?

Thank you

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From what I know it should work and I also just tested with Safari there was no problem for me. I don’t have any templates that I bought to try out that specific use case. I’ll check around and get back to you =)

So I found this from Kyle over at the Webflow blog comments.

Just responded to another comment on this, but copying and pasting here as well:

I’m the Product Manager here at Webflow who worked on this feature. Currently, we don’t completely block you from copying and pasting elements from a site that was started with a premium template.

However, the single-use license still applies. So you can only use a purchased template license for a single client/project, and would need to purchase an additional license to use the template for additional projects.

Since you can make any changes to the sites in Webflow once created, there are a number of use-cases where designers would be copying content that wasn’t a part of the original paid template at all – which is why we haven’t completely restricted this case for this initial launch.

If it becomes something that people abuse, however, we may need to add extra constraints in the future – so we will be keeping a close eye on that, but hope that our users will use this powerful new feature responsibly and in compliance with the single-use license agreement.

I hope that helps!

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Thank you Jorn I appreciate the willingness to help.

Now I am going crazy… I thought it was just the fact that I bought one of the Marketed UI-Kits so that I could use bits and pieces of the kit to quickly build web pages… AS IT IS ADVERTISED on the UI-Kit page.

As I mentioned above. I opened the UI Kit in one Tab then I opened a blank Page in another Tab. I could copy, or at least the option on the right click drop down was available so I clicked the COPY option. I then move to the blank page and click in the Body ( as that is all that is available now ) and there is no option to paste, paste inside or the like.

I Then move over to a page I have been creating to learn WebFlow with… I had copied and pasted from within this site before, so you would think that I could do it again.

NOPE. Now I can’t even paste from within the same page I pasted from.

Do you think that maybe I selected something that is hindering me from pasting?

I would email support and maybe you can get a refund on the template and maybe get additional help on what’s going on.

I agree with @jorn - and I think there’s room for wording to be clearer on the template purchase pages, about what can and can’t be done with premium/paid templates.

@kkilat @brjohnson - maybe additional text here on the licence summary section now that copy/paste is a live thing:

Clicking on ‘licence information’ does go on to cover individual elements - but maybe also mentioning it at this earlier step would be good…

Hey Jeff,

Did you clone the project you are trying to copy from?

I couldn’t actually copy anything from the generic webflow copy/paste example page until I cloned it.

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I am sorry it took such a long time to reply Toupee. I found that my issue was that even though it said UI-Kit… The kit was only good for one project, Not to have as what I call a Resource where I can Frankinstien a website together from.

With that said I have found a plethora of sites people have developed for the purpose of cloning… however Have no idea how to clone the sites as the author has given permission to do.

I click the “Clone” button in the top right corner and get sent to a page of sites done by our Webflow colleagues.

Hi @Jeff_Biggs

That sounds like a strange thing happening there! Normally, if you are logged into your account and click ‘clone’ it gives you the option to name the project, and then opens it up as it’s added to your dashboard.

Are you hitting any site limits on your Designer plan?

cc @kkilat @Waldo