Duplicate "Site" in lieu of pages?

First of all - this is an amazing product - I love it! I know you guys are working on multi-page support… but in the mean time… is there any way to duplicate a site? I just want to design a sub page… I can do all the rest of the coding on my end.

I just want to duplicate my landing - and make a few changes for the sub pages. Any way I can do this?

You can download the exported code and use an HTML CSS editor to copy and edit the parts needed. (Maybe you can stitch them together with another Webflow page to.) It ain’t as easy as doing everything in Webflow (if you’re not familiar with html, css and stuff), but try look it up on the internet. (Google don’t bite.)

Hi @hospadam, you can easily duplicate an existing site in your site’s settings page.

@hospadam, what we did for the webflow.com homepage is design everything in one page (e.g. header, footer, home page, then subpage content like about, terms of service, etc), then exported, and then separated into different pages manually.

This is (only slightly) better than duplicating the site (which you can do by pressing Duplicate on your site settings page), all your styles are shared in one place. If you duplicate a site, you run into the danger of having to update common components in two different places if you (for example) need to update a shared header after you’ve already duplicated.

Thanks for you patience as we work on true multi-page support where these kinds of hacks won’t be required.

Ah - oddly enough - that’s exactly what I ended up doing last night. No worries. It worked well, and it’s easily good enough for what I need now. If I ever venture into 3+ pages… it might start to get a bit wild! Either way, thanks so much!

I too like the idea of building all of the pages in one single page and using anchors in a fixed menu to essentially link them. This way if I do a presentation to a client they get the idea. Smooth scrolling would be nice =)

I have troubles using this forum sometimes…

After I’ve exported my site I saved it in 5 files.

  • shared/html_header.php - starting from <!DOCTYPE html> ending up with </head><body> tags.
  • shared/html_footer.php - only </body></html> tags.
  • shared/header.php - my whole header section including menu and logo.
  • shared/footer.php - I have my footer (contact) section here.
  • index.php - This is where the magic goes. I’m starting with few imports


<?php include_once "shared/engine.php"; ?> <?php include_once "shared/html_header.php"; ?> <?php include_once "shared/header.php"; ?>

content goes here…

<?php include_once "shared/footer.php"; ?> <?php include_once "shared/html_footer.php"; ?>`

It’s easier to edit stuff :wink:

Thanks for this nicely organized suggestion. Taking this a tad further, the above format implies splitting up an exported webflow project into 3 parts.

1 - taking the logo, menu and possibly slider sections from webflow and pasting in header.php
2 - footer info like social media, contact forms, newsletter signups, copyrights etc and pasting in footer.php
3 - bulk of main webflow content in “content goes here…” part of index.php

So simple. Thx again.

I still like the html_header part separated from the header (nav, logo) anyway :smiley:

I’m would like to use the same layout on every page of my website.
So, I would like to be able duplicate a page.
Not the entire website.

How can I do that ?


Choose the Pages icon in the left toolbox, then Create a Page at the bottom of the list. It opens a subpanel with an option to duplicate the page of your choice: