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Copy content between websites

I have nicely setup widgets in webflow websites that I’d like to copy and insert into other webflow websites. How?

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You can’t. At the moment, and in my opinion it’s not coming anytime soon.

You have to realize what makes a “widget” in webflow is not only an element structure but also an ensemble of classes and properties. These classes are all nested, up to the site’s root body element. A widget, with its structure and classes, pasted into another site, will most likely breaks itself and could break the site, because of numerous factore like:

  1. some classes names are already in use in the new site, what to do,
    rename the new ones?
  2. some dependencies are lost, what to do, ignore them?
  3. etc, etc, multiple issues.

Try to find an extension fro Chrome that is capable of getting a widget from a given page on the net, extract it with look, position etc, and make it dependency independent, standalone : you’ll not going to find one, because it’s a hell of a task. And if you succeed, your CSS code must become very difficult to read and maintain.

So maybe in the near future we’ll see helper tools like being able to copy and paste a structure of divs and elements, but I don’t see it dealing with styles anytime soon. That’s my guess, I could be wrong, coders at Webflow are impressives, but they’ve got a lot on their plates at the moment. So, I’d say don’t wait for this…

I am also interested in having this feature. Any news about this?