WebFlow as a Wordpress Theme?

Hey WebFlow - Just wanted to throw this out there. I’d be very interested in a WebFlow Theme for WordPress, where it looks exactly like I’m on a WebFlow editing page, but it’s all contained in WordPress.

If there’s any other people out there that like this idea, give this idea a vote

You can export your Webflow design to Wordpress now via Pinegrow’s Theme Converter or Udesly.

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Pinegrow was always worth a look. Very capable, but that’s how you realise that a successful app needs a perfect UI.

There is an official Webflow plugin for designing wordpress themes, learn everything about it here: https://university.webflow.com/lesson/webflow-pages-wordpress-plugin

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If I understand it correctly that’s a tool for individual pages only, not something to use to build a whole website, then export it to Wordpress as a theme and use WP CMS.