Convert CMS blog content to marketing email

We have a blog with a lot of content and I’m starting to want to be able to email that content out to our mailing list. Is there a way to flow content (image, headline, text description) to an email builder like Hubspot to automate this? Or would I need to just manually build all these emails. Thanks!

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Hi Anna, check out Audienceful. If I recall correctly it supports the Webflow CMS directly so it can pick up and email new blog posts automatically. Good pricing model, good free tier, made for Webflow.

If you’re specifically needing to do this with Hubspot, this might work-

Or a 3rd party tool-

You could also design a custom API integration or you might be able to create something using the RSS feed. Using the RSS feed has been my usual approach in the past, however Webflow’s RSS feed does not support rich text so you will get article excerpts only.

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Since you have all the content already created, you’ll need to do this through some automation tool like Make (Integromat).

Make can connect to your CMS, grab an item, and send whatever content you like to most any email tool you’re using.

You can setup Make to run on a scheduled task, like once per day, once per week, etc… so it does this without you needing too.

Hope that helps!