CMS to weekly Newsletter (for free?)

Hi everyone

i want to automate my weekly newsletter. Currently i want to publish a weekly newsletter as a CMS Item on my site. Ideally this should trigger an email being sent to all my subscribers. Also if at all possible it should be free (at least with only few subscribers).

My current Idea is to use the RSS Feed and connect it with Mailerlite (which is not free) / if necessary via Make or Zapier.

Is there another way?

As I see it there are five steps.

  1. Creating an CMS Item (done)
  2. This should trigger the Email-Service
  3. Email-Service gets a list of all current subscribers
  4. E-Mail service “creates” Email as per the provided/usual format
  5. E-Mail goes out.

What am I missing here? How do other Newsletter-Sites do it? I cant find any good solution…


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Check out Audienceful, it has a generous free tier, and some Webflow-specific integrations.