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Use API to display HubSpot blog post teasers on Webflow pages?

Hey guys, I am a designer, not a coder, trying to figure out if this is feasible.

I’m building a site where the blog already exists on HubSpot, and will stay there. Those pages will appear on a subdomain (, but on the homepage and possibly a few other locations I’d like to display the most recent posts or posts that match a given category.

I thought about using Zapier, but there’s no “trigger” for this - I just want to pull in existing posts.

Where would I start on this? I’m open to hiring it out.


Hey Jason — welcome to the forums!

This should still be possible, even though there isn’t a dedicated zap for it. We can likely use Webhooks by Zapier as the trigger and import it into the Webflow CMS if that works.

See the Hubspot Blog API Docs here:

If I had a premium Hubspot account, I would test this out for you, but unfortunately I don’t. I’m happy to help walk you through this to see if it works / get you started – just PM me!

Hey Matt, thanks for your quick response!

I feel like an idiot but for the life of me I can’t see where to send a private message.

No worries! Click on my profile picture and you’ll be able to select Message to send me a message. :slight_smile:

This forum question was resolved via private message with Jason due to the specifics involved. However, we figured out how to accomplish this via Zapier, if anyone is interested! See below:

(1) Open the Zapier Dashboard and select Make a Zap!

(2) Select Webhooks by Zapier

(3) Select Retrieve Poll

(4) For the URL, use the following:

NOTE: If you want to test this Zap out first, then leave the “Demo” alone. However, if you want to proceed with the Zap custom to your Hubspot account, I would recommend generating an API Key in Hubspot (see here) OR following OAuth2.0 protocol (see here.) If you generate an API Key, replace the “demo” with your API key.

OAuth is recommended for production usage, but for testing purposes, we used the API key.

(5) For the Key field, type in objects, and hit Continue. (You can leave the rest blank if you’re just using the API key.)

(6) Assuming everything works, you’ll see 3 posts. Select one and hit continue.

(7) Select Webflow when prompted to create an action step.

(8) Select Create Item OR Create Live Item depending on your use case.

(9) Connect and authenticate your Webflow account, making sure to select your site.

(10) After authenticating, select your Website from the dropdown, as well as the collection you want to push to.

(11) For the Post Body field, click the + dropdown and then search for your blog post’s body. (It should be called Post Body in Hubspot.)

(12) For Name, select your blog post title. (Click the + to find it.)

(13) For Archive, select the setting you’d like. (We chose No)

(14) For Draft, select the setting you’d like. (We chose Yes)

(15) Hit continue and then Send Test to Webflow, refresh the Designer, and you should see the new content!


Thanks Matt!
I’ll post any tweaks I find if anything pops up during buildout.

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