Content block equivalent in Webflow?


Like Wordpress guttenberg editor, is the CMS in Webflow allow to create post by using kind of blocks?

For example, in Wordpress I can do :

  • Text block
  • Image block
  • Quote block
  • Text block
  • Image block
  • etc.

Is Webflow can do the same or we need to enter all our contents in a text block?

I hope you understand what mean by that.

Thank you

You line up the elements as you wish, you have all the ones you’ve listed and more.

Alternatively, you can also build complete piece of content using just a Rich text element that can contain titles, paragraphs, lists, quotes, images, videos…

You’ll use Rich text elements for CMS so that Editors can create complete and complex pieces of content. But when you build your static pages you can just use the separate elements from the Add menu, it gives you more possibilities in terms of layout.

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