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Frontend Editing Typo3 vs. Webflow


I have a question about frontend editing. In Typo3 it is for example possible that I can also insert new elements like a headline or an image as element when editing a page. Is something like this possible in Webflow, or can the editor only maintain what has been created for it?

I have always wanted to ask this. :grinning:

Many greetings

Elements placed on pages can (if enabled) can be edited via the contributor editor. If you need to provide a free form space for them to create content with headings and media then use a Rich Text element / field for that purpose. Does this answer your question?

Hello Jeff,

not quite. I mean it like shown in the Typo3 video, that you provide the customer e.g. a kind of construction kit from which he can help himself. So that he can e.g. use his own templates preset by us to then extend the page with the elements themselves.

For example, if he wants to insert a two-column text under an image on the page. Or a list…

Well this is not possible with Webflow’s editor. Designer yes.