Webflow as a CMS — custom content


I’m considering using Webflow for a project, and have played around with it for a while. I want to be able to write posts in a Medium/ghost style editor.

  • Custom blocks (pre-made, such as a “video block”, like Strapi or CraftCMS).
  • Markdown etc

Is there any way to modify Webflow to do this? I know a collection can have a pre-set series of input fields, but you wouldn’t be able to modify these fields on a per-post basis.

i.e., some posts have 5 blocks, some 100, some have a video block, some don’t.

Is this possible with Webflow? Or is the CMS too limited?

Have you looked at the rich text element?

I don’t think its possible with the current native webflow functionality.

Yeah, this seems to be built for creating web pages, and you can’t use blocks when inside the CMS dashboard?

I’m not sure what you mean by blocks.

If you look at Ghost CMS they have ‘blocks’:

  • Markdown
  • Paragraph block
  • Heading block
  • Embed code block