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Content accessibility for specific users

Hello webflowers,

I have this client that wants to sell digital content.
Her idea is that she handles all the sale process herself, then she would “give access” to a page containing the sound/video/whatever content to the client.

A full fledge eCommerce with content download is off the table, both for the complexity of eCommerce and the downloading of the content.

Hosting of the files is not a concern.
Protection against download is not a concern, just want not to provide an explicit way to do it.

How would you make this happen in webflow ?
I search around and did not find any information about creating user-account or anithing about user-configurable access for a page.

Thanks for you time, I sincerely hope to be able to do that in WF.

Hey @KrapocK, sounds like a good use case for Memberstack!

Great, yet another subscription.

I’m working for a personnal business : my client will never agree to this.
We’re speaking of a maximum 200$ / month here.

I totally understand not wanting another subscription, but you’ll likely have to pay extra for that functionality even if/when Webflow adds it natively (which I believe they’re working on).

Memberstack’s pricing seems really fair compared to other platforms I’ve looked at. The $25/month plan allows unlimited paid members and up to 10,000 free members.

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