Paid account for unlocking whole content on the website

Hi everyone,

I recently got the first opportunity to work on a Webflow project.

Everything seems quite doable except one feature.

The client wants to provide some chapters on a website which unregistered user will be able to read to a certain point. Afterward, if they want to continue reading they would need to create an account for which they will pay 5$ and get lifetime access to all articles/chapters in fully on the website.

If somebody has some advice how could this be possible to do I would appreciate it very much. This is holding me back from approving that I can complete whole project and give an estimate.

Thanks in advance,

I’d look into Memberstack. I personally don’t have experience with it, but if you search the forums there are a number of other users who’ve had luck with similar functionality.

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Webflow doesn’t have the feature you need, a user system.

You can try to use Memberstack. They have a great project your can clone right now and that seems to be doing what you need, it’s called “gated content”.

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Okay great. Thanks Vincent!