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Contemporary violin collection site for show and tell :)

Hi all!

Wanted to share the site I just finished for a client, ‘The Boorse Collection of Contemporary Violins.’ This is the first site I’ve made using Webflow, and I have to say, it was a great process :smile: Keep it up, team!

Here’s the site:

Also, I added a zoom feature to Webflow’s built-in slider on all of the violin subpages (example here), which might be useful for some other folks. This is done with Elevate Zoom and this script to prevent zoom on the images hidden by the slider mask.



Beautiful Michelle. Clean, simple, gorgeous. The only suggestion I would make, is give your h1 titles in section headings a left and right padding of 20px in tablet view css settings (and let it propogate down to phone automatically), it helps the headings to be more consistent with the rest of the text on those device views. You have done a wonderful job here. :smile:

The website is fantastic :slight_smile: I’d make another note on <h1> elements. You should not use them in this term. There should be one <h1>. Try downgrading all <h1> to <h2>, <h2> to <h3> and so on. SEO will thank you :slight_smile:

Hi all!

Thanks for the kind words! You both provide a good reminder to double-check the code for SEO/HTML5 best practices – I definitely got over-excited with Webflow’s drag-and-drop process that I didn’t do the usual run through in the code. Will address that shortly :smile:

@cyberdave, thanks for the note on the padding. I’ll take a look again. The flush-left padding was intentional on those device views to make the section headings stand out, but perhaps I took it a bit to far!

@bartekkustra, the newest HTML5 standard is that h1 should mean the title of each section rather than the heading of the entire page, so I find when building sites lately there are very few reasons to use anything but h1, or maaaybe an h2. But as I mentioned, I definitely need to go back through this site and double-check the Webflow code output to find my mistakes in this regard – thanks for the reminder!

Now off to code-check! I don’t think I added any accessibility code-help either, eeek :frowning: Bad form!

This looks great @mhertzfeld.

I’m going to try the Elevate Zoom.


Absolutely beautiful @mhertzfeld !!
I also agree with you on the H1 standard for html5 - one h1 per section, saves time too being able to style an h1 and then you’re set for every section! :smile:
Again - looks amazing!