New website, fully on webflow cms with multilanguage support

Hello guys!

Here our new studio work — website for architectural-construction butique based in Riga, Latvia —

It is fully made and hosts on webflow, some custom code integration for scrollbars and three language support for blog section.

Check this out and let me know what you think!


Wow, красота. Мне очень понравилось. Браво !! :wink::+1:

Translation: Wow, beautiful. I really liked it. Bravo !!

Gorgeous transitions, so smooth and how you introduce the text in the header on each page is just unreal. Amazing job! I also really love the fact you’ve added a custom page scrolling bar, it’s one of those little details that works so well.

If you wanted to go further and add another little detail similar to this, you could change your highlighted text colour to the gold used throughout the site. Find out how to do it here Change highlighted text color

I think it would add another bit of elegance and work really well. One last thing, I think the menu sliding in transition is nice, but the introduction of the ‘close’ icon could be sped up a bit.

All in all just a top class site, it shows how smooth, simple and consistent transitions can make a site look seriously slick. Congrats!


Hello Jamie! It nice to hear from you, i will implement selection color as well it is really nice idea, thank you. Cheers!

Evgeny, great work!
How did you implemented languages support?

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Lovely this! :slightly_smiling:

Hello! Sorry for delay, multilanguage is implemented for blog, i just created three blog post collection, one with all fields for three languages, and other two only with name and url for separate collections and connect it with reference item. Let me know if u have some questions… Cheers!


Amazing ! I want that custom scrollbar :laughing: How you did it ?

hi sorry i know it is old post, but i did not get what you mean by url for separate collections
can we have a screen shot for the example ??