Contact form not work

Hello everyone,

I have a designed a contact form and for some reason it doesn’t work , the submit button once its clicked doesn’t do anything and i have checked my forms under the setting , but i didn’t get any submissions.

even when i chose the pre-build one it dose not work!!!

thank you

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - DDS Studio

Did anyone ever get an answer to this? Having the same issue.

@ashmath34 have you published the page? Forms don’t work on the preview/Designer, other than that share your read-only link and we’ll take a look :slight_smile:

Hey @sarahfrison — my page is published — see here:

Read only link here: Webflow - Careerlist 3.01

The contact form is triggered open by opening the menu and clicking the ‘contact’ link. But I never get beyond the ‘waiting text’ state. I don’t get a success or an error message, and the submission is never recorded in our form submissions.

Any help would be much appreciated!! My client is ready to launch the site but we can’t figure out why this isn’t working!

@ashmath34 have you been able to figure it out? I just went to the website to try and see what happens and it submitted.

@sarahfrison I was! Someone from the support team got back to me — turns out there was some old custom recaptcha code in the footer within project settings. Thank you for your help on this!!

ah, happy to hear support was able to help you :slight_smile: .

Thanks @sarahfrison :smile: I have another question if you have any idea about hosting :sweat_smile: Transfer Domain Between Webflow Sites

Hi, @bestbush_craft!!

This seems to be a link to a Wordpress site. Do you have a link to your Webflow project?