Contact form linked to a "blog"

Hello all,

Can someone give help on this, maybe it is super simple…

I’m building a landing page with a contact form, visitors will fill up every detail and after they send the their information it should be published like an ad “advertising” on a page that users with a subscription will have access to.

Please excuse me if my request is dumb or not clear enough, I’m new on this :slight_smile:


Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

You can use Webflow Memberships and restrict access to a collection list page, which lets you “secure” your ads to members only.

To create the ads, you can use a form bound to Logic, to push your ad info into the CMS.

Read up on those, and you should be able to design what you want.

Thank you! Really helped me out!!!