Contact forms with external email adresses


I allow various experts provide their services trough my website. I have 50 experts in my database and each of them have their profile page set up. I would now like to create a contact form on each profile page so visiting users can send them a message directly.

Perfect scenario would be for the contact form to pull the expert’s email adress from CMS and send the message directly to him/her.

Any help is highly appreciated


Not sure if this is possible, curious if others have the exact solution you’re looking for. Easiest, simplified alternative would be a collection list with a mail to button for example!


If you really want to use forms, you can do this using Logic, or another automation provider like

The main trick is that on the Collection page for the expert, you need to pass their email address in to an Email-type field in your form, and make it hidden. You’ll need to use script to set the value of the field, e.g. $('#expertemail').val('EMBED EMAIL VALUE HERE')

You need an actual field rather than an input type=hidden in order for Logic to pick up the email value.

To send your email, you’ll need a 3rd party provider like MailJet or Google Mail to act as the sender of the lead.

I’d assume each of those profiles is already setup in the CMS?

If so, all you have to do is add that CMS Items field (the email address) into a native Webflow form as a hidden field.

Submit that form to your automation service (Zapier, Make / Integromat) or directly to whoever you email with.

Zapier has built in email. Make / Integromat allows you to connect to your Gmail account or any other service (SendGrid, ConvertKit, Campaign Monitor, whoever).

You can also get fancy with the latter and alter the “reply-to” address to be your experts email address.

Here’s more info on how to setup getting that CMS value into your form:

If you prefer Javascript you can do this:

I might go for that if nothing else works out, thanks!

Thank you, I’ll check it out

I should be able to do that, thanks!