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Hover Effect Happening in Tablet mode Down When I dont want

Have a little issue here. The hover effect is happening on my bottom links for email phone twitter fb and is showing up with a white background in tablet and smart phone viewport but I seemed to have it corrected in desktop which I believed would cascade downwards. Not really sure what I did wrong here. but I think it has to do with these All Links things that I always seem to mistakenly use and is more annoying than useful. It should be more of a user decisions as opposed to somehow it seems automated sometimes and if you don’t catch it initially it can become a pain. Anyway. Please take a look at the footer section images in tablet and smart phone and please help if possible. Thanks.

Fix the hover effect for tablet too. Styles don’t inherit when they’ve been edited once before.

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Thank You… I need to pay more attention to details it seems. It was the hover in the link block and not on the image itself… That mistake could have been easily avoided. I believe I have it fixed on all viewports now. If you get a chance to double check . Please let me know what you think. Thanks for all your help. !

It’s very easy, when you nest elements, to start giving same properties to perents and childs and to face behaviors that are unexpected, so yes, we need to pay attention. Nesting is a good thing with HTML CSS, a very good thing.

It’s also quite frequent to see a user facing a but and the reason is the same Interaction has been given to a parent and child, so it acts funny. Just mentionning for you to be careful (:

Thanks for the feedback.

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