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Amateur in need of help - Mobile Devices - Strange hover behaviour

Hi ladies and gents, firstly let me ask for you to be gentle as I am looking to create a website for a family member who owns a landscaping company, he requested more of a bespoke design with a tab system.
I have always had a love for web design, but I am no professional just a young enthusiast with bounds of creativity and looking to portray that through web design.

The issue I am having is on the mobile devices editors, I am experiencing bizarre hover interactions. The link above shows exactly what is happening. It seems to be link related and I cannot seem to locate the issue. I thought at first it was a transform causing it, but maybe I am over thinking things. It will expand, or move my contents upon hover to a different position

I tried it on my Samnsung devices and it does indeed happen on that too, upon clicking it jolts out of place and plays havoc with the overall standard of quality.

I am new to Webflow and only been working with it for maybe a month on and off. I would appreciate some advice please.

Thank you !
Grant N

Hi @Grant.N

You have set the built in “All Links” class to have on “Hover” a padding left of “79px” see below :smile:

Best fix, i would say is go to the “All links” class and remove all styling, and only apply styling to your named classed items. It’s OK to add values to the inbuilt Classes but you have to watch out for it later, because like in this case, it can do messy things :smile:

Hope it helps.


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Thank you Aaron, I appreciate you taking the time out to answer that, I have gone ahead and located the class (all be it took me 5 mins, pain of inexperience)

I have removed the styles and it is now behaving much as expected, just needs a few tweaks with the padding which I will add to the custom class.

Thanks again.

No problems, glad I can help! Good luck with the rest of the build :smile:

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