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Ok, I am not a designer by any means, and I just launched my new site via Webflow all by myself. I’m sure I’ll continue to massage and tweak it, but overall I am pretty happy with it and how easy Webflow is to use.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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Very good mate!

Only things I would suggest were to style your links so they aren’t the default link style and also try to get the comments box width either the same as other input boxes or increase it to the length of both columns.

Other than that, great work!

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Nice! Only thing that jumped out at me was in your copy -
e.g. Attention to detail:
(1) Back-and-forth between 1st person “I can help you…” to 3rd person: “you can ask Becker questions”
(2) Repetition e.g. This 2 hour in person session … (These sessions are done in person).

I hope that’s helpful and all the best!

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