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Connection Failing! When is Webflow coming to the desktop?

Connection Failing incessantly! Frustrating! Upload image keep failing! Not happy now. Another reason to have webflow on the desktop.

Hi @topelovely, can you check if you are still experiencing the issue? Everything should be running ok now, can you check if you still have issue? You might need to refresh your browser window and load new Webflow instance.


Still an interesting question. Webflow for Mac/ PC would be great, especially when you want to work on the go. Just see how popular Macaw got these days, Webflow might be the better alternative :blush:

Came back, now working. But you should kindly still consider bringing webflow to the desktop. It is better.

There are a number of reasons why moving Webflow to the Desktop IS NOT better but the main reason would be that frequency of updates would suffer. Feature additions, bug fixes and everything else that keeps Webflow ahead of the competition (Macaw) is because Webflow functions from the browser. You cant imagine the headache of creating desktop clients especially for multiple operating systems.

Keep it a web app, its what makes it great.


@jwburkhard is spot on. We’re a webapp because we like the speed at which features/fixes can be pushed to all users.

See Why is Webflow a Hosted Program? for a more detailed explaination cc @topelovely

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