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Awesome, but SO slow, it needs to work offline!

Webflow is awesome, but if you have a site more than 10 pages big it is painfully slow! It’s not my internet, I have no extensions installed, I have a plethora of images in the image-bank, but even when there are none being used on the page it is still slow. Plus I just want to work offline sometimes. Webflow is great and I really enjoy using it, I WANT to use it, but I will regrettably jump ship (maybe to scarlet macaw or something) soon if this isn’t sorted, as if it can’t handle my site now, when it gets 10 times bigger I will be able to make cups of tea in-between doing things.

If it’s meant to be a serious design tool, and not just a tool for hobbyists/one-offs, then it NEEDS to be able to be downloaded or worked upon offline. This will make it faster, not crash all the time when selecting images and I highly doubt I am the only one wanting this. It is the best software, but it is getting too slow.

Like Adobe do, have an offline and online availability - you could even charge more to use the offline version. I’d happily pay double or triple to be able to use this software without the slowness! It is taking 10’s of seconds just to select things. Alternatively please go back to your old servers if you have changed, only noticed this over the past month or two. Thanks.

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I’m pretty sure his is never going to happen. Webflow relies on their servers to actually do what it does and likely your computer would not be able to handle it anyway. Making it offline would also destroy Webflow’s product model of subscription and browser based web design. It also would open up their entire business to cracks of the platform just like Adobe has. So many people crack Adobe apps and pay nothing which would destroy Webflow’s viability.

The reason it is loading slowly is likely due to your internet connection and amount of ram in your computer and potentially how powerful your processor is as well. I upgraded to a mac pro and webflow began responding so much faster. I always have had 50+mbps internet though. I suggest trying it on a faster computer maybe in the mac store and see if that makes a difference. People have also had good experience using chrome books as dedicated webflow machines.


I think Adobe is also worth about $38 BILLION dollars or something, so I would much rather have that cash and be getting ripped off than the alternative, whatever it may be :slight_smile: Plus loads of people, myself included, pay adobe for their products and webflow should have the confidence that its own product can hold its own too. Adobe got cracked cos it was expensive for a one-off, now its creative cloud and a few dollars or pounds a month is barely worth cracking… Thanks but its definitely not my laptop, the latest i7 and 8/16 gb ram (depending on which one), ssd etc, its not my computer. I’m surprised a chromebook holds up, those things that like 2gb ram and a pentium-m and cost almost nothing! Not even a slow webflow will make me change over to a mac though :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe it’s my internet, but everything else works fine online, so it all boils down to webflow being painfully slow, but I will check my internet (I HOPE it’s my internet!). Webflows still the best tho so I’ll put up with it for now, but I really would like offline, as I’m sure LOADS of others would too!

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Webflow is not Adobe. Adobe has a multi million dollar annual marketing budget. They have also been the industry standard for 2 decades. You are comparing apples to oranges.

I personally love that I can use Webflow on any computer without installing anything. There are times where I’ve been in a hotel without my laptop and gone to the business center to make a tweak after a client called me. It also allows bug fixes and new features to be rolled our instantaneously.

One thing most people don’t know is the background code for Webflow was completely rewritten and launched right before the CMS came out. From what I hear it was a massive undertaking with lots of testing. It probably wouldn’t have even been possible without the platform as it is.

Using Webflow on less than a 20mbps connection is going to cause problems but that’s not a Webflow issue.

Try following this guide:

Especially read step 4. If there is still a lag, can you please provide your site’s read-only link? 10 pages shouldn’t cause a performance issue. Maybe 80 or more. But not 10.