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Is there a webflow desktop application?

Just wondering if there is a webflow desktop application to create websites instead of creating them through the website, thanks

everything you do on webflow is in “The cloud.” At this time there isn’t a offline solution. But, because everything is in the cloud, you can access the designer tool from any computer with an internet connection and the Chrome browser.

Just for curiosity, why do you want a desktop version? What is the plus?

Ive been looking for a program which allows exactly what webflow does, but instead of being a cloud id rather it be a application. The reason why I would want this is because I am just looking to beable to create a website, and long after the creation of it I may want it to stay in “working Condtion” even if I close my webflow account. I thought webflow was like that intill I heard that if I delete the website off of webflow and im even hosting it on my own server some features just wont work i.e form submissions.

hum… well, i prefer web based because i can work everywhere and i have my work secure.
If you close you account, no problem… just export your html and close it.

Of course desktop version has some value, but i think on this situation web based is more functional.

ohh, and there is the updates part. If you have a desktop app, you don´t have updates all the time, maybe once a month. Web based app you can have updates every day, and you don’t even notice.
Webflow publish updates to people, big updates. But the small ones like bug´s, they fixed fast and live.

ya true and I agree, could you check this out and tell me any tips if you have the time. thankyou for the response: Making a Website with Webflow Completely Standalone