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Standalone Downloadable Desktop Webflow App

It may sound silly but what about a standalone app? like something built in Adobe Air or something built from scratch, but still connected to the website. Something that’s downloadable. I know that we can get chrome to make a standalone app but what about something that doesn’t require chrome? More integrated into the desktop. that would make webflow a tough competitor.


Hi @artistro08, thanks for the suggestion! It’s definitely something we’re thinking about, but in the short term we’re really focusing all of our (very limited) resources on the web application. Once the web app becomes more mature, we will explore all the options that will allow us to offer a desktop app. Stay tuned!


WELL! in the meantime could you guys make an app on the Chrome App Store? I’m sure many people would love the shortcut of clicking it on the desktop or browser or what not.

And thank you :D! glad to see that this is on the way

Would buy right away. Do you still plan something on this point?

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this is a pretty old thread but if you are interested in a more desktop like experience you could always create an application shortcut in chrome. It pins an icon to the taskbar and opens it up in its own window without the tab bar and what not

Is their any update on if this will ever happen? Will their ever be a downloadable version? I work out of the country a lot and don’t always have access to internet. It would be nice to have a application on the computer to work on sites till, Im able to get internet connection.

This is something I made for myself. I published it to the chrome store for others to use.

I’ve been asking the webflow guys to make one of these. Is it truly standalone or does chrome launch when you open the app?? I also have webflow dock icons if you’re interested.

@DFink Unfortunately It’s not a native app so chrome will open. I just wanted an easy way to launch Webflow in its own window. Thanks for the offer on the icons. I didn’t use it because I didn’t want to infringe on the Webflow brand or confuse people with thinking it was an official Webflow app.

A downloadable app would make my life so much better. I have lots of weird connection issues that cause me to pull my hair out, as show in this clip, where I can’t select an existing class. (I’m assuming this is a connection issue, and not a bug in Webflow. :grinning:)

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I am really not sure what team @webflow is doing. Did not see upgrade in the grid, it is still locked at 960px (don’t tell me about using custom code and all) this has to be a native thingy.

Interaction 2.0? when are they coming?

And the desktop app, the fact that, countries lik the one I live in have internet related issues, all the time, you dont know what its like to face a internet disconnection and see things go haywire.

Answers would be helpful on this @webflow