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Connect text link to CMS page


I cant seem to link more than on text links to a CMS page.
I know if i drag the paragraph (As seen below) in to the collection list I can link text to that page.

But regarding ranking on google i need, and would like to connect to more than one page, as CMS is supposed to be so powerful. There is 2 words i wish to connect to a CMS page, SONEVA JANI, JOALI.

Thanks in advance for the help!

No way (To bind url feild - inside text area). One solution is to create two inline-block elements.

“text text text at” (element 1) and “Soneva Jav” (Element2). For regular pages this idea is not so usefull (You should creat collection list and show only 1 item (Limit) + Create Filter - show only name = “JOALI” For example (In this case its easier to write the link manually)).

If you know you need the words “Sonveva Jani” And “Joali” links in a lot of pages maybe create two symbols.

Add more detials (Also thier is a way to use small JS code to add href for span inside text block).

Haha wow thanks Siton.

This is really frustrating as CMS is told to be a extremely powerful tool, but to me this seems extremely limiting.

I will give it a go.