HELP! Dynamic Content in Search Results

I’ve been having some trouble figuring out how to display cms content.

I have created a location page (cms template/ collection) that I want to be dynamic. I have also created a “types of therapy collection” that I am using as a multi-reference in the locations collection.

What i want is to use the locations page for SEO, so that when someone searches the type of therapy and location the specific page comes up.

Example: search is “Couples therapy in Toronto” or “EMDR in Hamilton” the appropriate option comes up in the search results, when an option is clicked you are lead to the corresponding page.

I have tried using the 404 page to do a test search but only the first multi-referenced item shows when I click a search result option, regardless of the “type of therapy” I search.

Example: I search “Couples Therapy”, the results reflect the search but when I click an option it takes me to “EMDR Therapy” because “EMDR therapy” is the first multi-referenced item in the collection of the location.

How can I fix this?
Does this have something to do with the SEO settings? If so, is there a way to include multi-reference tags in the SEO Settings?

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Hi Tasha, it will help the community understand where you’re running into problems if you share a readonly designer link to your site.

Without that, we’re just guessing what it is that you’re trying to do.

It sounds as though inside your Location pages, you’re wanting to list the Services that are in your multi-ref list for that Location. To do that you just go to your Location page and drop a Collection list element there, and then bind it to that Location’s Services multi-ref field.

In that Collection List, you put a link or button to link to that Service page for further details.

For better SEO on specific phrases such as e.g. “EMDR in Hamilton”, you can create that as an H1 or H2 inside of your collection list item. Then when you visit the Hamilton page, you’d see, e.g. “EMDR in Hamilton”, “Couples Therapy in Hamilton”, and so on.

SEO settings are page level and site level, and to my knowledge there is no way to put multiref field content in those areas directly. You might be able to use script to modify e.g. your <title> tag to include multiple services like Hamilton - EMDR, Couples Therapy. Google will likely pick that up OK, but it’s not a common approach. No idea how Webflow’s internal search engine would handle script-generated page titles.