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Linking to a specific collection pages?

How do I link a Text Link to a specific collection page? I have created a CMS collection with two pages “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of Service”. I’ve put two text links in the footer of the site that I want to link to those pages, but no matter what I try I cannot seem to link them?

Hey @Barry5 !

Since you made these two pages a Collection, there are two ways you can link them.

First, you could use an external link and manually type in the path of the page.

Second, you can use a Collection List. With a Collection list you can then add in two text links. Get the Text for the link from the CMS item name (Privacy Policy and Terms of Service). Then assign the link to the current CMS item.

I hope that helps.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks Drew, Why I couldn’t figure that out myself is a mystery, all working now :+1: