Connecting custom domain

I have a custom domain that I used with a website built in Adobe Portfolio. Now I disconnected the domain from Adobe, deleted my Adobe Portfolio Site and connected the domain to my Webflow page. It’s connected and accessible if I go to the website directly, but if I google it, the search results only show a preview to the old site and when I try to open it, I am redirected to a “404 page not found”.

How or where do I need to make changes so my new page will be indexed and the old one won’t be anymore? Indexing is enabled, I connected the Google Search Console and tried to set the Global canonical URL. Not sure if I did everything right though.

Setting up a website for the first time and learning by doing, to please forgive me if I didn’t describe my problem well enough or forgot to mention things. And many thanks for your help in advance :slight_smile:

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow -

Hi Ida, Google can take a long time to reindex esp newer sites.
As long as you’ve setup GSC and setup your sitemap.xml, those are the main things you need to do.

If you share your published site I can check the canonical.

Hi, Michael! It’s very good to know that it might just take some time - thank you!!

At least I think I set up GSC correctly, but I am not sure If I set up the sitemap right. In the Webflow site settings under “SEO” I have “Auto-generate sitemap” toggled on, so it says: “Automatically update sitemap.xml when site is published.” Should I better use the custom one instead?

What do you mean by sharing my published site? I am still a bit confused, sorry. This is my website: - Does that help or do I need to share something else with you?

In the “global canonical URL” box I put my default domain. Hope that’s correct.