Conflicts between Editor and Designer

My team experienced an issue where publishing by the Designer may have overwritten changes being made in Editor. Cannot find prior mention of this in the forums, so adding here.

I was in Designer, another team member was in Editor. We are both in different remote locations / cities. We believe that both of us touched the same page during this time, and since we’re in different locations, didn’t realize we were doing so. Shortly after, we realized some of the changes he made in Editor were missing on live site. Concluded that I had published either a) while he was still in Editor, overwriting his changes, or b) we both published and there was some conflict.


  1. Changes were overwritten/lost.
  2. There was no notification of this (we just noticed by chance).
  3. There was no warning when one person opened a page that another is editing.
  4. There was no warning when publishing that one may overwrite the other.

Hi @MarkBult

Thanks for posting about this issue, sincerest apologies for the delay.

The Designer is the source of truth when publishing at this time.

For example, let’s say my content editor changes a heading to something, while I simultaneously change that same heading to something different. If I don’t publish from the Designer, but my content editor publishes from the Editor, that heading on the live site is going to read something different.

While this is expected behavior at this time, you bring up a very valid point — there is no notification / warning of this.

I have filed an internal enhancement request to add a notification / warning system set up to alert both the Editor and the Designer of publishing timing to prevent this sort of overwriting behavior. As well as looking to see if we can make some modifications to prevent any overwriting behavior.

I appreciate your help in finding this and I’ll post back as soon as I hear back from the team!


Great, thanks @Waldo for your clear reply/explanation, and for following up with the internal enhancement request.

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