Improvement : Editor shouldn't publish designer content

I’ve been working with webflow for a dozen of my clients now and I’ve noticed 2 things pretty problematic for an otherwise amazing user experience with the editor :

1 - When editors publish, it apparently publishes every updates in bulk (not just those of the editor publishing) This means, it publishes also what other editors are doing AND what’s happening in the designer (I’ve very recently had such a problem with a client). This means, having the ability as designer to publish either on dev version ( or on the live site in order to have 2 alternate versions of the site running in parallel is completely useless if any editor can publish your designer modifications and therefore ruin your “clean” workflow.

2 - (It probably goes with the first one) When an editor edits stuff, webflow logs the modifications and shows him that it saved those actions for publishing. But there is no cross or button to cancel a modification. Why log each step if you can’t cancel one of them separately of the others (a check with saved would have sufficed in that case). Many of my clients have asked how they could possibly CTRL+Z their way back to a state before one of their modifications… And I’ve always told them they had to be careful when editing since they could not do that on their own (only by calling me to reset a former state from the backup).

Is there any easy fix that you guys from webflow could push to the editor ?
These are not deal breakers, but it would be HUGE improvements for any users with a rather heavy use of webflow. Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:


Great suggestions!
The ability for user to “go back” to previous changes would be excellent

It is possible to edit and publish one collection item without publishing changes from the Designer:


I see how that’s not the most intuitive, especially when editing content in-page. We should look into making that “publish one” possible from the main editor bar:

Hey, thanks for the answer !
But I already told my clients about this individual collection item publishing feature.
The issue I have in mind is a bit different.

My point was more that we would need two things :
— The ability for the editor to remove some changes from the changes to be published list rather than being able to publish just one (because otherwise it would mean the other changes would stay in standby > they could be easily published later by error by another user)
— The assurance that an editor publishing content can’t publish what the designer is working on. This means each user can only publish his own changes (github style :stuck_out_tongue: — but maybe this is a bit complex )


Those are good suggestions. I think this wishlist item matches the second:

Yes @forresto, you’re right. I’ve upvoted it (as well as the wishlist item with specific editor roles)
For the first one do you think there also is a wishlist item ? (I’ll try searching for it in that case)