Managing publishing workflows between designer and editor

Hi everyone!

I am looking to get some understanding of how the editor and designer would work when it comes to publishing.

Let’s say we have a functioning Webflow website, eg, Journalism where editors would come in regularly and publish the website when they wish to publish the articles.

At the same time, if a designer comes in and continues to do a redesign of the website while an editor is adding an article and has published the website, does that also publish the changes that the designer has made too?

How would you go about making sure the design changes of a website when the client is actively editing the content of the website (which are mainly articles, “Collection CMS items”).

Would love to hear your thoughts!

Hi @Simon_Kouk,

Yeah this can get confusing when there’s a team. Lots of things can happen, so it depends on your workflow. Multiple people can be in editor but not all can be in the design mode. 1 person can be the designer but teams can share access to see, etc, etc. It’ll be way to long in a post.

Start here and see which section applies to your process.

This should be a good starting point for you guys - G.J.

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